Conditions for Responsible Research on SRM

Analysis, Co-creation, and Ethos (Co-CREATE)

What is SRM?

Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) refers to a set of techniques which aim to limit global warming by reducing the amount of solar radiation reaching the Earth’s surface (reflecting sunlight or increasing how much heat escapes back into space).


A global debate

Some argue against SRM in any scenario, while others already pursue research including field experimentation.  A third group calls for balance and consideration of risks and opportunities to reduce risks.

Over the next three years, the Co-CREATE project will examine the governance principles and guidelines for responsible Solar Radiation Modification research. This will ultimately support decisions on whether or not, and under which circumstances, SRM research and experiments may be warranted from scientific and societal viewpoints.

Ice sheet

The Co-CREATE Consortium includes a group of 14 institutions with experience and expertise in SRM governance, responsible research and innovation, co-creation and stakeholder dialogue.


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